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Wacom ExpressKeys supports the fairly recent additions of ExpressKeys, Touch Strips, and a Scroll Wheel on certain Wacom tablets. Specifically the Cintiq 21UX Interactive Pen Display, the Intuos3, and the Graphire4 tablets are supported through the XInput and XTest extensions in X. Using "xsetwacom", it can also provide an automatic change of stylus pressure sensitivity (a.k.a. PressCurve) when going from one program window to the next. This feature is independent of the connected tablet model. A graphical configuration tool named "wacom-config" is under development.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jun 2008 21:03

    Release Notes: This release adds support for Cintiq 20WSX.

    •  28 Mar 2007 11:56

      Release Notes: This version has a slightly improved logic for Touch Strip movement detection, a minor bugfix related to long filenames of the executable, and two compatibility changes to prevent future breakage in relation to upstream code.

      •  28 Nov 2006 22:33

        Release Notes: This version is a complete rewrite where a dependency on linuxwacom 0.7.5-2 or later has been added for all tablet models. Among the new features, fine-grained control of button auto-repeat stands out, as does configurable delay times between sending of the (many) keycodes. Touch Strips have gained repeat at the top and bottom positions. A maximum of fifteen tablets, three of each model, and two styli per tablet can be handled concurrently. 'Models' are: nopad, Graphire4 BlueTooth, Graphire4, Intuos3 small, and Intuos3/Cintiq.

        •  14 Sep 2006 11:52

          Release Notes: Linuxwacom version 0.7.5-2 changed the internal button ordering of the Graphire4. This release complies with the new layout. No other changes were made.

          •  02 Sep 2006 09:25

            Release Notes: Support for the scroll wheel and two ExpressKeys on the Graphire4 was added. This feature requires a bleeding edge version of the linuxwacom driver. When running under versions earlier than 0.7.5, a Graphire4 will still be identified as 'padless'. A minor bugfix and some code enhancements were also included.

            Recent comments

            31 May 2008 17:42 aristeu

            New site
            The ExpressKeys project was moved to
            and Mats Johannesson transferred to me the maintainership of
            this package. A new version with support for Cintiq 20wsx tablets
            will be released soon

            13 Sep 2007 09:43 Voluspa

            Temporary file hosting
            The project files have a temporary hosting site from this day of 13 September 2007, until ca 15 October 2007 to bridge over an accidental gap while switching Internet Service Providers (ISP).

            Registered e-mail address devel bredband net will stop working after 30 September 2007.


            Mats Johannesson

            14 Sep 2006 00:18 Voluspa

            Graphire4 and linuxwacom-0.7.5-2
            Linuxwacom version 0.7.5-2 changed the internal button ordering of the Graphire4. Expresskeys version 0.3.2 has been updated accordingly. Buttons and Scroll Wheel is now fully functional.


            Mats Johannesson

            04 Sep 2006 03:26 Voluspa

            Graphire4 and bleeding edge.
            I'm sorry to say that linuxwacom-0.7.5 (the beta) has some bugs in relation to a Graphire4. Only the left button will work, Scroll Wheel does nothing and the right button does not do anything proper. Intuos3 and Cintiq are not effected.

            Hopefully 0.7.6 stable will be... stable.


            Mats Johannesson

            06 May 2005 13:29 jeffcovey

            Re: Butchered

            You need to write in complete sentences when you submit release
            announcements. Otherwise, we have no sure way of knowing what you're
            trying to say.




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