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  •  26 Mar 2013 12:41

Release Notes: You can now switch to jqplot plots as all scripts have been converted. Graphs have been improved (min, max, average, and sigma were added). A few minor bugs have been fixed.

  •  12 Feb 2013 21:56

Release Notes: Error, agent, and referrer reports use now jqplot plots rather than Fly. Plot series can be selected/unselected, and zooming is available. The histogram display 95% values to improve readability. A few bugs have been fixed.

  •  07 Jan 2013 23:52

Release Notes: The session script can now be run standalone. CSV exports are now available within session reports. Daily uncompressed files can now be parsed if found in daily compressed mode. Selected pages report have been improved (no more Fly graph, and better memory usage). Robot detection in session reports has been fixed. Minor fixes have been applied (German language file, yearly stats with email enabled, updated country code, etc.).

  •  07 Oct 2011 13:55

Release Notes: More stats are now available on the method used. Forms now have autocompletion ability. Some memory leaks have been fixed. Hundred of issues have been solved.


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