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05 Oct 2003 10:32 tedickey

Misleading comment in release notes
Lynx can read a document from standard input, and (for several years) has had mouse support. Those items should be removed from the boilerplate description of w3m's differences from lynx.

06 May 2003 14:59 charlesbarr

Convert webpages to PDF Documents
I'm offering my webpage to pdf convrsion utility to all of the browser projects. I've built a online file conversion engine which takes public webpages, changes them to pdf docuiments and then e-mails the pdf document to the end user. A running copy can be found at

If you want it, let me know.


21 Jan 2003 18:24 tedickey

Re: W3M vs. links

> Lynx supports SSL.

True. It also supports mouse navigation, reading from stdin, etc.
w3m makes a nice auxiliary browser from lynx.

03 Feb 2002 03:44 Zhad

Re: W3M vs. links

> Last I checked w3m was the only text
> based browser to support ssl.

You're not right. Links supports SSL as well.



17 Apr 2001 01:13 kenyap

Re: W3M - Better than lynx!

> Of what I've seen of this browser, it
> seems
> to be much better than lynx? Perhaps
> they
> should try to coordinate their work
> into one
> text-based browser. It might become
> very good!

From what I know of the w3m codebase, a code merge would be

difficult but I'm sure if there are any good features in Lynx,

w3m can steal them. :-) I'm not even sure Lynx is being

actively worked on nowadays.

23 Mar 2001 18:35 afc

Re: How to open a link in new window

Ooops, sorry about those pre tags, I'm using W3M and I just didn't see them.

Also wanted to post one problem that my hack has and I can't seem to solve: the new instance of W3M will not have the session-cookies that its parent had.

Hmm, I don't know how to fix that. Perhaps passing them all through environment variables or some kludge like that, but I just can't think of an easy hack to do it.


23 Mar 2001 18:34 afc

Re: W3M vs. links

> But why, when i'm on the
> link, i cannot see the link's target?

To see the link's target, you can hit `u'. It will display it. Furthermore, you can go to the option setting pannel (hit `o') and set `Automatic display of link URL'.

Hope it works.


23 Mar 2001 18:27 afc

How to open a link in new window

> Wow. I've wanted a browser like this for
> a while. A charactor-cell browser
> capible of all the neat HTML formatting
> stuff. The only problem is not being
> able to "open link in new window", but
> that's expected.

Oh, I used to think that till I came up with a simple hack I'll share with you that adds "open link in new window" capabilities to W3M.

Copy the following and save it as a `browse' (or whatever) script:



if (test "$DISPLAY" != ""); then

xterm -ls -name w3m -wf -fn 8x13 -bg Black -fg gray -si -T "w3m: $1" -tm start^q -e w3m $1 &


w3m $1;



As you can see, this script first checks if its running under the X Windowing System, executing a terminal or calling W3M directly. This is so you can use this script from inside other scripts and have it work regardless of whether you are under X or not.

All the `-ls -wf -fn 8x13 -sl 999 -bg Black -fg gray -si -tm start^q' are just my favorite options for xterm, feel free to replace them with whatever you want. Actually, feel free to use gnome-terminal or rxvt or whatever you like.

There are, however, the following options that you'll want to leave:

-name w3m: This is so the window manager recognizes this window as one containing W3M. I have specific configuration for W3M windows (specifying, for example, how maximize should work and that all those windows should show in a given virtual console).

-T "w3m: $1": I have not figured out how to make W3M set the title with the URL it's displaying. I might submit a patch having it print the appropriate string whenever the URL changes. For the moment, my browse script will make the W3M window display the initial URL.

-e w3m $1: Execute w3m, displaying the first argument to the script.

Use the script like this: "browse". That will popup a new window, loading the URL specified, and exit.

Now, what you need to do is set it as W3M's external browser (or second or third external browser). To do this, hit `o' and look for the `External Browser' option, entering the path to your script. Click the [OK] button. You'll be all set.

To open a link on a new window, all you need to do is move the cursor over the link and hit ESC M. A new window will popup displaying the linked-to URL.

This also allows you to download things in the background, which I think somebody posted a message saying they wish they could do (well, kindof, you still need a new process for every download, but in practical terms, it should do it for people under X).

Hope it works for you as well as it does for me. :)

Alejandro Forero.

30 Oct 2000 15:00 fredlwm

Re: W3M vs. links
Lynx supports SSL.

30 Oct 2000 13:17 karimhernandez

Re: W3M vs. links
Last I checked w3m was the only text based browser to support ssl ( That fact alone puts it in a class all its own.


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