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vzpkg is the suite of OpenVZ template management tools. These tools are used for software installation inside Virtual Private Servers.

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  •  02 Nov 2005 14:16

Release Notes: Support for different (per OSTEMPLATE) RPM versions. Support for template sets. Support/requirement for customized yum. rpm/yum now executes scripts in VPS context. Mounting of /proc is done in VPS context (by a custom init). Support for per-ostemplate .rpmmacros. vzyum will exit if there's no relevant yum.conf. A statically built myinit for different platforms is included. The vzosname utility has been added Template cache will not be created if install-post fails.

Release Notes: The cleanup of the temporary VPS in vzpkgcache was fixed. There is no need to repack the cache tarball if no updates are available. The program name logging to /var/log/vzpkg.log was fixed. The README, NEWS, and TODO files were added.


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