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The VXL Project

VXL is a set of portable C++ libraries designed for computer vision research and implementation. Numerics, imaging, and geometry are provided by stand-alone core libraries, with easy to use APIs and sophisticated processing algorithms. Other libraries provide stereo, video, structure from motion, probability modeling, GUI design, classification, robust estimation, feature tracking, topology, 3d imaging, and much more. It is written and used by an international team from academia and industry.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  29 Mar 2008 01:30

Release Notes: Numerous minor API additions and code speedups.

  •  01 Aug 2005 12:27

Release Notes: This release adds an implementation of the Mukres or Hungarian algorithm for finding a minimum cost assignment. There are many additions to the contrib libraries. Many bugs have been fixed.

  •  25 May 2004 05:01

Release Notes: A lot of work was done on improving the build system, so it is now even easier to get the code working on new compilers. MinGW and bcc 5.5 are now supported, and it is now easy to build only subsections of VXL, such as just the numerics libraries. There were lots of additions to the core libraries. VNL has a random number generator that produces the same high quality sequence on every platform. VIL can now read DICOM (medical) and NITF (satellite) images. VIDL now supports AVI files on Windows and Linux.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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