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Version 0.5.72 alpha 1 of Vuurmuur

Release Notes: An option to kill connections from the GUI was added. Better support for custom rules was added. A bug in the DHCP rules was fixed. A bug with the Bounce target was fixed.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release improves IPv6 support, adds an Amd64 Debian/Ubuntu package, fixes the connection viewer, improves services support, and adds rpfilter match support.

Release Notes: IPv6 support was added. NFLOG support was added.

  •  24 Oct 2009 13:06

Release Notes: Connection killing was improved. Dropping of invalid packets was made optional. Permission handling was improved. The Samba service was updated.

Release Notes: This release adds a setup wizard, a workaround for a Jaunty bug, and fixes for traffic volume monitoring.

  •  04 Apr 2009 08:36

Release Notes: Traffic shaping handling was improved. Source port randomization support was added. Support for PMTU MSS clamping was added. Generating and installing of translations was fixed. There were many other small fixes.


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