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VTAGS is a command line application that will generate a VI(M) compatible tags file for VHDL source files. This application will read standard VHDL'87 files. It should also parse later VHDL, but it only takes account of the basic parts of the language. It will group items that it finds by architecture, procedure, function, or package. It does this by adding extra information to the extension field of the tags file.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jan 2012 11:20

    Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of minor problems with path searching.

    •  19 Jan 2011 13:57

      Release Notes: A problem with VTAGS not always walking the tree correctly was fixed.

      •  16 Dec 2009 13:37

        Release Notes: The build system was fixed. Now the makefiles work both on Windows and Unix. Some patches were applied. A couple of other things were tidied up.

        •  12 May 2009 12:22

          Release Notes: A problem in which the old version did not handle multiple names on the same line was fixed. The Windows build was fixed, and an nmake make file was added.

          •  08 Apr 2005 12:57

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug introduced in the Windows build when fixing the symbolic link searches for Unix. A couple of other build problems were found.


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