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Virtual Sound provides unlimited effects and modulation for sophisticated audio generation, with unique instrument simulation capabilities to craft your own unique soundscapes. All effects are parametrized and their parameters may be controlled through the outputs of other effects, through samples, or through special modulators. Instrument simulation is based on recursively-linked filter networks. Actual instruments can also be simulated through the statistical learning library incorporated in VSound.

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Release Notes: A number of small bugs were fixed. A VibratingString class was added for simulating string and wind instruments. A small example is given in VSound.c.

  •  28 Oct 2004 11:00

Release Notes: The stale file test_decoding.c (prevented compilation) and useless file accounting.c have been removed. Work has begun on a simple multiple-text search/clustering algorithm that will utilise the Graph class and belief propagation. This has nothing to do with sound, but it is an interesting application of probabilistic estimation. It will probably make sense to split the probabilistic and machine learning library in the future from the sound-related code.

Release Notes: More work was done on the statistical learning feature. A few more examples were added. A class for doing reinforcement learning was added.

Release Notes: Some low-to-mid abstraction layers were added. These include the Single Input Multiple Output Buffer and the Window class. SIMO mediates IO between filters. Window is an abstraction allowing filters to use erm, filtering windows such as a Hamming window when reading data. This code has not been really tested.

Release Notes: This release adds an artificial neural network with hidden control and predictive classes for modeling/prediction/classification of sounds. Many programs that use the new code have been added. It now depends on libsndfile-1.0.0.

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25 Aug 2003 06:41 olethrosdc

Re: version 0.5 & patch 0.5.5
Actually, this is just a coincidence. The two projects have the same name but do different things.

24 Aug 2003 14:15 hackvan

version 0.5 & patch 0.5.5
some vsound history and version 0.5 are at

and 0.5.5 is being distributed from


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