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Release Notes: This release brings a bunch of new features like bind mount extensions (which give you read-only --bind mounts), copy on write link breaking (which allows you to unify all files, even log or config files), quota hashes, and XID propagation. It also adds per context I/O scheduling (CFQ), kernel thread protection, support for empty Contexts, and an improved debugging system.

Release Notes: A small bug in IPv6 hiding was fixed, a memory leak in an error path was removed, and a mysterious double allocation issue in x25 was fixed. iunlink and barrier update for XFS as well as the proc/mounts virtualization were corrected. A new claim/release scheme replaces the double refcounting. Legacy support was separated, and a bunch of new limits/accountings were added (anon_rss, locks, shm, forks). A new ccap that protects network mounts was added. Compile time information was added to the proc info.

Release Notes: A major code cleanup of all include files and a split of core files regarding functionality was done. Some minor bugs in the handling of assertions, lookup, and accounting were ironed out. The alpha syscall table was fixed, and a new debug module was added. Barrier checks and legacy support were improved.

Release Notes: This release adds major improvements to the xid handling, including a new tagging format and NFS support. Per-context disk limits and statfs virtualization were added. The uptime virtualization was improved, and the usermode helper extended. New limits and accounting areas were added. VServer Capabilities and Flags were extended, and a new debug system (sysctl-based) included.

Release Notes: Context handling has been switched to hashed RCUs, the extended attribute check was enhanced, and 'secure' mounts are now allowed.

Release Notes: This is the first development release of the Linux-VServer patch for the Linux 2.6 branch. Basically, all features of the existing 2.4 branch (and a lot more) should be supported by this version.


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