Version 0.18.0 of Vrapper

Release Notes: A :wa[ll] command was added for writing all dirty editors. Search results can now be used as text motions. c/<pattern>, d/<pattern>, y/<pattern>, and v/<pattern> were added. VisualMode is now selected on mouse select. A 'za' operation was added for toggling fold open/close. A key binding was added for 'z<CR>' (same operation as 'zt'). A configurable 'imdisable' option disable Input Method when exiting insert mode (useful on Japanese keyboards). Optional vrapper plugins were added for CDT, JDT, and Surround.vim.

    Other releases

    •  06 Apr 2014 20:47

      Release Notes: This release adds a new plugin port of the exchange.vim vimscript, adds support for "ad hoc delimiter" (a new feature which hasn't yet merged into Vim), and adds many defect fixes.

      •  08 Feb 2014 23:46

        Release Notes: This release adds a new optional clang-format plugin, support for an "omap" command and an "iskeyword" property, and various defect fixes.

        •  08 Dec 2013 21:33

          Release Notes: This release adds a ":set contentassistmode" to enable <c-n> and <c-p> in the content-assist dropdown. It also fixes various defects including the autocmd command, AltGr handling, and visual mode behavior.

          •  06 Oct 2013 15:48

            Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. No real major defects have been fixed or functionality added, just more constant progress forward.

            •  10 Aug 2013 22:34

              Release Notes: A number of people found defects in 0.34.0 in the week since it was released. One defect in particular was major enough to warrant a new release. 0.34.1 addresses those defects, specifically a defect on Linux systems which made the cursor disappear (or not move) during horizontal movements.


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              A factility for executing user processes in kernel mode safely.


              Project Spotlight


              A modern software IP load balancer.