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Virtual Qmail Web Administrator (VqAdmin) is a CGI Web program to allow virtual email hosting machine administators to add, delete, and modify virtually hosted email domains and users using vpopmail. Authentication is provided by ACLs and the Apache htpasswd method. Machine Administrators can add/delete virtual email domains, and tech users can admin user email accounts such as setting passwords, disk quotas, and privileges.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2002 14:37

    Release Notes: Support for authentication logging (last login time and IP) was added. Support for aliased domains was added. Solaris support was improved. The automation during installation or upgrading was improved. Symbolic link file checking was fixed. Complete support was added for all vpopmail user flags to turn on/off services per user. New translations for French, German, Italian, Finnish, and Japanese were written.

    •  12 Feb 2002 19:33

      Release Notes: Spanish, French, German, and Romanian translations, a complete rewrite of interface templates, improved autoconf/automake/configure, support for vpopmail 5.2 features such as last authentication time and IP for users, support for POST/GET so values can be passed between pages, adding Colors and Fonts to language files, and a complete security code audit.

      •  13 Mar 2001 23:25

        Release Notes: Support for creation of virtual email domains under any /etc/passwd user account (default account is vpopmail), autoconf configure support, a fix for an adddomain problem, and new INSTALL documentation.

        •  03 Feb 2001 06:32

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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