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25 Jun 2003 00:44 Kareem1975

great piece of software...but.....
First I would like to congratulate you on such a wonderful program. It really solved a lot of problems. Just one comment about IP based Virtual Domains. I did all what is listed on the online admin guide. yet it doesn't append the domain to the user provided. ( I have already set my DNS for the reverse lookup and tested it & I have used the option of ip-domain-aliase=y).
Once more thanks for your efforts

16 Dec 2001 14:24 noda132

Once it's set up, it's brilliant.
It's not the easiest thing to set up, but there are a few HOWTOs out there that guided me through it at work. Combined with qmailadmin, it's incredibly easy to administer. The perfect companion to Qmail. Highly recommended.

15 Jun 2000 13:14 petra

Works wonderfully
After a bit of hassle with getting it set up (make sure you understand Qmail, etc. first), vpopmail is doing exactly what I wanted -- serving multiple virtual domains' E-mail clients from a single machine with a single IP address. The simple administration software 'vadddomain / vadduser / etc.' is wonderful and easy to script.

Highly recommended!


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