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vPICdisasm is a Microchip PIC firmware disassembler that supports the Baseline, Mid-Range, and Mid-Range Enhanced 8-bit PIC cores. This single-pass disassembler can read Intel HEX8 and Motorola S-Record formatted binary files containing valid PIC program binaries. vPICdisasm is capable of a variety of formatting options, including representing data constants in different bases, and can output directly assemble-able code.

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Release Notes: A critical bug was fixed regarding S-Record reading, which was ignoring valid data records. Output file support was added by way of the -o/--out-file option. Standard input support was added with the "-" file argument, meaning that the disassembler now supports piped input. Intel HEX8 / Motorola S-Record auto-detection was improved by using the first character rather than the file extension. Support for printing of original opcode data alongside disassembly was added.

  •  28 Jul 2010 20:28

Release Notes: Support was added for Baseline and Mid-Range Enhanced PIC cores. Destination register operand formatting was updated to print W/F instead of 0/1.

  •  21 Jul 2009 07:30

    Release Notes: A critical bug in program file reading was fixed to support odd byte lengths for Intel Hex and Motorola S-Record records. False invalid record errors caused by newlines in the program file were fixed. Another minor bug was fixed, leading to cleaner compilation.

    •  26 Jun 2007 01:08

    No changes have been submitted for this release.


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