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  •  16 Apr 2006 18:39

Release Notes: wxTer'Angreal now loads a default space instead of leaving you at a black screen. The demo world at has been improved. There is a new human-readable XML Object Description (XOD) file format. There is a new loading and saving framework that handles importing/exporting from both native and foreign file formats. The VOSApp framework has been rewritten. This release significantly reorganizes the source code and reduces external dependencies, which should make VOS easier to build.

  •  24 Feb 2006 01:21

Release Notes: A new XML object description (XOD) file format was added. The ASE 3D loader was improved to correctly skip over unrecognized sections. The VOS-Browser is more stable now. The dependency on flex and bison to compile was eliminated. Several libraries were merged in to reduce outside dependencies. A compiling problem on OS X was fixed. VOS now uses gcc 4.x symbol visibility if available. Support for MSVC 8 was added. The documentation was reorganized and the build instructions were updated. This is a prerelease for testing but should much easier to build than previous versions.

  •  30 Aug 2005 07:36

Release Notes: Important fixes were made to the networking code. The browser now supports a progress bar. Speech bubbles, collision detection and gravity, and AMD64 support were added. Win32 support was improved. The latest CVS version of crystal space is required.

  •  27 Mar 2005 16:48

Release Notes: A new VOS Infrastructure Protocol (VIP), and a new transport protocol built on UDP to support low-latency messaging and multiple parallel data streams in a single connection. The VOS 3D Browser Ter'Angreal now has a wxWidgets-based GUI. The GUI supports chatting, loading new avatars, bookmarking worlds, loading worlds from COD files, and more. Many improvements to the VOS plugin to the Crystal Space 3D engine. Better Windows support (compiles under MinGW). Now provides a Windows exe installer. Debian packages are available for x86 via apt-get. Should now compile and run on OS X.

  •  19 Jul 2004 20:26

Release Notes: A multi-threaded architecture based on thread pools, a new extension system, and a new application framework providing support for command line parsing were added. An abstract 3D layer has been implemented as a plugin to the Crystal Space engine. Configuration files and dynamically loaded plugins are now supported. A plugin-based OmniVOS server makes it easy to configure a custom server. A persistance layer can keep site state up-to-date in a MySQL database or a filesystem. A search language was added for selecting and downloading many objects at once. A Blender Python script was added to export Blender 3D scenes to A3DL.

  •  29 Sep 2003 16:46

Release Notes: Fixes many build problems (in a GNU environment).

  •  05 Sep 2003 03:20

Release Notes: This version introduces the Compact Object Description (COD) file format, which allows for loading and saving vobjects to disk and for efficiently transferring vobjects over the network, reducing download times. It is now possible to create VOS worlds using Blender and 3D Studio Max. The Abstract 3D Layer (A3DL) has been revised. There is a now complete set of coding tutorials available to introduce programmers to the VOS API. Header files have been rearranged to make it easier to use VOS in external projects. VOS now compiles on Solaris.

  •  26 Feb 2003 01:13

Release Notes: This version includes code to determine the local hostname, which is necessary when connecting to other VOS sites (such as the world server). It also fixed a bug that caused the service list daemon to crash on the server. Atmospheric effects were also added.

  •  12 Feb 2003 01:10

Release Notes: Ter'Angreal now supports rigid body physics (collision detection and response). A new service discovery system was added to make finding virtual worlds much easier. It can now be complied using Visual C++ 7.0, and binary packages are available for Windows. Recent stable Crystal Space releases are supported, and playlists can be streamed to SHOUTcast servers. A new abstract GUI system was introduced, and many bugs were fixed.

  •  11 Oct 2002 05:43

Release Notes: A major bottleneck in the message processing code has been removed in this release, so that the VOS is quite fast now. In Ter'Angreal (the 3D client), you will enter the world almost immediately and objects will appear as they are downloaded. There is now support for issuing complex queries about an object structure on a site with the results streamed back. You can now write world servers in Perl. There is a new demo world, "Conic Temple". VOS has been ported to Microsoft Windows, and some parts of the protocol have been tweaked to be more efficient.


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