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Volleyball Manager

The Volleyball Manager supports the planning, management, and documentation of volleyball tournaments and leagues. An automatic scheduler generates an optimized schedule, which can be freely modified. The projector and terminal module offer more transparency for participants and visitors of tournaments.

Operating Systems

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  •  24 May 2011 00:38

    Release Notes: The release fixes a bug: the fields are correctly ordered in the schedule view for PDF and Web.

    •  17 Sep 2010 09:14

      Release Notes: The release improves the visualization of the PDF exports to better use the available space. Additionally, all dependencies on the system settings for encoding and data formatting were removed, which ensures proper operation across different machines. The release also contains improved error logging and fixes some minor bugs. The Volleyball Manager requires Java 6 starting from this release.

      •  14 Aug 2010 12:55

        Release Notes: This release introduced a unified logging system and simplified the installation procedure.

        •  28 Jul 2010 20:57

          Release Notes: This minor release contains various bug fixes.

          •  09 Jan 2010 16:19

          Release Notes: This release provides an improved deployment procedure and various bugfixes.

          RSS Recent comments

          21 Aug 2005 06:55 hansfito54 Thumbs up

          Add Italian Translation Please.

          10 Dec 2004 16:06 rocio Thumbs up

          Great stuff
          I enjoy using your tool a lot. Go on!

          29 Sep 2004 09:35 ronnyroeller Thumbs up

          Re: Deleting schedule
          Thanks for the idea! Will be in the next release. Please, keep us posted with further ideas!

          29 Sep 2004 05:01 stiehler98 Thumbs up

          Deleting schedule

          Can you add a function to delete the whole schedule?

          Thanks a lot!

          28 Jun 2004 02:09 fredhop Thumbs up

          thx. good stuff!


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