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VNCcrack is a simple, fast offline-mode VNC password cracker. It takes a set of challenge-response pairs of the type passed during a VNC authentication attempt, and attempts to recover the passwords using a dictionary file.


Recent releases

  •  08 Nov 2008 00:37

    Release Notes: A single DES object is shared over the entire program run to reduce overhead. The source code has been cleaned up, and a number of other inefficiencies were removed.

    •  07 Nov 2008 22:05

      Release Notes: This release supports scanning a pcap file for VNC challenge/response authentications to attempt to crack, rather than forcing them to be extracted to a text file in advance. The Botan library is now used instead of OpenSSL for the DES operations. This version can check well over a million passwords per second on a Core2 processor, and has been tested successfully against the most recent version of TightVNC.

      •  22 Jul 2006 08:56

        Release Notes: The code in this version is substantially cleaner and should be much easier to extend in the future. It also offers a number of useful new features, better error handling and recovery, and is somewhat faster.


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