Version 1.1.9 of VNC Reflector

Release Notes: Handling of host connections with different desktop geometries was improved, and support for dynamic changes to desktop size was implemented. The ability to specify negative display numbers was added. A few other new features were implemented, and a number of bugs were fixed.

Other releases

  •  02 May 2003 01:39

Release Notes: A few performance optimizations were made, and one minor bug was fixed.

  •  11 Jan 2003 07:36

Release Notes: Handling of framebuffer updates on the client side has improved significantly. A number of bugfixes and cleanups have been added.

  •  18 Sep 2002 08:23

Release Notes: This release fixes an issue with saving Tight-encoded sessions in files.

  •  10 Sep 2002 10:50

Release Notes: This release fixes two important bugs. The first was a double free() call which occurred when a client requested a change in its color format, and the second was an incorrect color translation in the Tight encoder. Also, JPEG quality factors were decreased for low quality levels, to achieve higher compression ratios.

  •  09 Sep 2002 04:26

Release Notes: This version features full support for Tight encoding on both host-side and client-side connections.


Project Spotlight


A point of sales system for untamed managers.


Project Spotlight


A live Linux CD graphical Arch installer.