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  •  02 Feb 2014 15:33

Release Notes: This long-overdue maintenance release adds two small features, support for internationalized country code top-level domains and support for the SCRAM-SHA-1 password scheme. It requires Dovecot ≧ v2.2.0. An error in the `userdelete … force` subcommand has been fixed. On some systems, the script failed to install the configuration file in /usr/local/etc, and this has also been fixed. The Finish translation has been updated.

  •  03 Oct 2012 21:20

Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release. Argument parsing of subcommands userquota, userservices, and usertransport has been fixed. There is also a database fix for installations using Dovecot < v1.2.0. With some locales, e.g. fi_FI.utf8, it was possible that UnicodeDecodeErrors were raised. The subcommands aliasdelete and catchalldelete support multiple destination addresses. Destination addresses, listed by the aliasinfo subcommand, are sorted now.

  •  29 Jun 2012 00:30

Release Notes: This release supports catch-all addresses, allows alias addresses to have interpolated destinations, adds quota support, and supports Dovecot v1.x and v2.x.


Project Spotlight


A tool which edits and replays captured network traffic back onto the wire.


Project Spotlight

SIREMIS Web Management Interface

A Web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER).