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Vmailmgr provides a virtualizing password-checking interface to qmail-pop3d, a delivery agent to automatically deliver mail within a virtual domain, and a set of tools to manage such a domain. It also has Courier IMAP support. It uses one uid per domain, and this user can fully administer the domain without needing suid access rights. Making it work is as easy as adding a line in qmail's virtualdomains file, and running a few commands.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Sep 2005 14:17

    Release Notes: Aliases can now have autoresponders. A new "stat" command was added in the daemon to look up the mailbox size. A "dumpvuser" command was added to output all of an account's data. Authentication recognizes plain text (null-crypt) passwords. All accounts are created with an account directory now. Some bugfixes and internal changes were made.

    •  26 Feb 2001 10:23

      Release Notes: vdeluser now has an option to prevent it from deleting users with a mailbox, and all the Python CGI code has been dropped and replaced with a stand-alone vpyadmin package.

      •  11 Aug 2000 12:38

        Release Notes: A new utility, vpasswd2db, is now included to convert a plain text password table into whatever vpwtable format is configured, a quota checking program for use in vdeliver-predeliver, and the authvmailmgr Courier-IMAP auth module now execute authvmailmgr-presetuid and authvmailmgr-postsetuid before and after executing the setuid respectively, just like checkvpw.

        •  12 Jun 2000 22:18

          Release Notes: Several non-critical bugs were fixed in various systems. Support for the Courier IMAP module was added into the main package. Preliminary support for handling autoresponder messages was added.

          •  13 Apr 2000 18:15

            Release Notes: Mailbox delivery can be temporarily disabled on a per-virtual-user basis, through either the CGIs, command-line tools, or PHP without deleting the mailbox, and account expiry is handled by the authentication tools and by vdeliver.

            Recent comments

            09 Feb 2005 06:38 swix

            now 4 years without updates...
            ok, it still run great (after patching to be able to compile the software on "modern" systems), but some more activity would be great... There are so many interesting things in the TODO file :-)

            30 Jan 2003 14:24 swix

            Is a great tool...
            ... but no updates the last 2 years :-(

            A new version would be very welcome, especially with the
            current gcc 3.2 compatibility problems, etc.

            01 Aug 2001 01:03 quarks

            It rocks like nothing else!!
            I could not live without my trusty install of qmail/vmailmgr and omail :)


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