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Release Notes: This release adds slight build system changes to help distributors. The number of failed authentication tries is now displayed on exit.

  •  26 Mar 2008 06:27

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that would sometimes close stdin if a script was requested and later unloaded due to missing dependencies.

Release Notes: Vlock's architecture was again changed from using multiple executables to a single one with plugin support. The main helpers "vlock-all", "vlock-new", and "vlock-nosysrq" were all converted to plugins to keep filesystem based permission checking. Plugins may be scripts or shared objects and can add functions like muting the sound, pausing music or movie playback, and even eye candy screen savers.

Release Notes: FreeBSD and Debian/kFreeBSD are now supported platforms. Timeout support was added to the password prompt. "vlock --new" now works even if stdin is not a terminal, e.g. from an X run command dialog.

  •  09 Aug 2007 08:26

Release Notes: A major rewrite was undertaken, though the user interface is nearly the same. A new "-n,--new" command line switch was added. This makes vlock switch to a new virtual console before locking and thus makes it possible to use vlock from an X session.

Release Notes: vlock 1.4 now supports optionally disabling the SysRQ keys while the entire console display is locked. All other changes are merely cosmetical, cleaning up license statements, includes, and makefile rules.


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