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Release Notes: This release adds slight build system changes to help distributors. The number of failed authentication tries is now displayed on exit.

Release Notes: This release adds a libcaca-based screen saver module.

Release Notes: FreeBSD and Debian/kFreeBSD are now supported platforms. Timeout support was added to the password prompt. "vlock --new" now works even if stdin is not a terminal, e.g. from an X run command dialog.

Release Notes: Compilation on Debian/kFreeBSD was fixed.

Release Notes: The locking message is now configurable. A configuration file was added: ~/.vlockrc. "vlock --new" now works even if stdin is not a terminal.

Release Notes: FreeBSD support was added. Signal handling was improved and timeout support was added to password prompts.

Release Notes: vlock-grab was split into two separate tools: vlock-grab now simply grabs the console and prevents switching. vlock-new handles allocating a new console. As a result, vlock gains a new option "-n,--new" for allocating a new console before locking. Manpages for all binaries were added, and the manpage of vlock was updated. vlock-lock now supports locking as $USER if run as root and requires the enter key to be pressed before authentication is started.

Release Notes: Shadow authentication was added, so PAM is now optional again. vlock-auth was renamed to vlock-lock. Terminal handling in vlock-lock was improved.


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