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Release Notes: This version is a minor update which improves overall stability. Notable changes include improved reliability for MKV file playback, fixed MPEG2 audio and video encoding, pulseaudio synchronization, and Mac OS interface, and other fixes. It also resolves potential security issues in the HTML subtitle parser, freetype renderer, AIFF demuxer, and SWF demuxer.

Release Notes: This is a major update which fixes a lot of regressions, issues, and security issues in this branch. It introduces Opus support and improves Youtube, Vimeo streams, and Blu-Ray disc support. It also fixes many issues in playback, notably on Ogg and MKV playback and audio device selections, and a hundred other bugs.

  •  09 Nov 2008 21:04

Release Notes: This release introduces some security updates, fixing a buffer overflow in TiVo demuxer and libpng. This release introduces also some fixes for various potential crashes and memory leaks. The Windows version fixes some DirectShow and media button bugs. MMAP is now disabled by default, and translations are updated.

  •  08 Oct 2008 11:06

Release Notes: Crashes were fixed in the ogg, vobsub, and dvdread modules. Several memory leaks were fixed. Apple machines without Quartz Extreme are no longer supported (use 0.9.2 or earlier). In the Mac OS X port, a crash with deletion of old preferences and the target name for downloaded updates were fixed. Stability in the Windows port was fixed for the video output. All the 0.9.3 fixes were ported to Windows.

  •  01 Oct 2008 23:52

Release Notes: This version shows various bugfixes, including DTS chapter order, audio-CD behavior, subtitles, and podcast fixes. It also fixes a few crashes in the PS, SSA, MKV, XSPF, and FreeType modules. The Mac OS X version shows a lot of improvements and regression fixes. The Qt interface shows a few modifications and bugfixes.

  •  18 Apr 2007 23:32

Release Notes: This release fixes demuxers (including CVE-2007-0256), the Mac OS X interface (especially issues related to fullscreen), VP31 decoding on Windows platforms, feeding streams to icecast or shoutcast servers, Web Browser plugins, and Direct3D video output for Vista compatibility. It also includes new decoders for VP61 and VP60 (Flash video and Teletext subtitles) support.

  •  09 Nov 2005 14:29

Release Notes: This release allows binary Windows codecs to be used under x86 Linux, allowing WMV3 playback. H264 support was improved, and a simplified Chinese translation was added. This version also fixes numerous bugs such as crashes in the deinterlacing routines, glitches in the FFmpeg and x264 encoders, and DVD menu support under Win32.

  •  14 Aug 2003 07:32

Release Notes: A regression in VLC 0.6.1 which made some streams unplayable was fixed. The MPEG TS muxer was improved. Proper PTS/DTS generation is now done in the transcoding module. Support for DVB-S/C/T cards was added using the V4L2 API (standard in Linux 2.6 kernels). DVD menu navigation was added in the wxWindows interface (used for Windows and Linux). Fixes were made to the VCD navigation.

  •  18 Feb 2003 09:46

Release Notes: Support for Slice-I MPEG-2 streams was added. New helper plugins include a mouse gestures plugin and a screensaver disabler. The KDE interface now compiles with KDE 3.x, and a lot of crashes were also fixed, especially in the interface.

  •  15 Oct 2002 00:02

Release Notes: A brand new interface for iPaq familiar Linux, support for Qt/Embedded, major enhancements to the BeOS port, a new option for select which interface to use for multicast streams, and RTP input support. A fix for the LPCM decoder on big-endian machines was added, along with the ability to read streams from VLS 0.4.0, and A/52 from American television. It is still possible to read from VLC 0.3.x with the --vls-backwards-compat option. This version was linked with libdvdcss 1.2.3, allowing Win32 users to read DVDs in non-administrator mode. Some other Win32 bugs were also fixed.


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