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Release Notes: The Linux and BSD/OS ports now support VCDs, and the MacOS X port supports all DVDs through the latest libdvdcss version. The video decoder can now decode 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 MPEG streams. A lot of bugs were fixed such as network support under Win32, DVD subtitles in network mode, aspect ratio in XVideo mode, and stdin stream input.

Release Notes: A new faster video decoder based on walken's mpeg2dec, IP Multicast support, a network HTTP input to read streams directly from a Web server, and a working MacOS X port with encrypted DVD and overlay support were added. Altivec optimizations have been made on PowerPC G4 processors (GNU/Linux, and MacOS X).

Release Notes: Network support was fixed, DVD support was still improved and the Gnome and Gtk+ interfaces were merged. Accelerated MMX, SSE and 3D Now! routines were added. Also, the Windows port is now functional.

Release Notes: DVD support was enhanced with on-the-fly title, chapter, subtitle, and language selection for the Gnome, Gtk+, and BeOS interfaces. Experimental Mac OS X support, an XVideo video output, and network input were added.

Release Notes: Bugs in subtitle rendering, AC3 decoding and DVD parsing were fixed, a GTK+ interface was added, and an interface and overlay support were added to the BeOS port.

Release Notes: A few reported DVD parsing issues were fixed, hardware acceleration using SDL is now automatically detected, the framebuffer, Glide, and GGI modules are working again, and various optimizations were done to the AC3 decoder. Also, the BeOS port is active again and now supports drag'n'drop and CSS decryption.

Release Notes: MPEG-1 files are now supported, as well as direct access to DVDs (even encrypted ones), the decoders are faster thanks to MMX and MMX-EXT optimizations in the critical parts, the input layer allows pause, fast forward, slow motion, and arbitrary seeking in the stream, and the output layer supports hardware YUV acceleration through the SDL library.


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