Comments for VLC media player

21 Nov 2005 21:53 strannik2

The Best!

DVDs, just about every other format, and over the network too! Good performance, even on my slow box. Very top rate software.

Some quicktime files play without sound for some reason I haven't been able to figure out yet, and

there is no real media codec as there is with mplayer, but otherwise, this is as good as it gets!

19 Nov 2005 13:58 Pawow

VLC Rocks
This is a really versatile system. It rocks to say the very least. Thanks.

02 Nov 2005 01:54 milezdaru

vlc on osx
With VLC on OSX you can even watch windows .wmv files ;]

25 Oct 2005 17:40 Pfv2

Completely agree ^^^^

VLC is a definitive WMP replacement.

I really like the ability to read many formats without having to install all the usual plugins. And it work well with streaming.

Good job.

19 Aug 2005 04:16 daveishere

The website, it lives!! Thank for reopening it.

19 Aug 2005 03:55 daveishere

where is ?
I want to download the source and/or binaries, has the project died? been bought out? nolonger free? where is the web site???

15 Jul 2005 22:40 idles

VLC for OS X
VLC brings one very important feature for an OS X user. By default, the powerbook DVD drives are region locked. You can only change the region five times, and then it stays locked.

By watching the DVD's with VLC you can do it region free, and not consume the five change -limit built into the OS. This has helped me a great time.

09 Jul 2005 09:56 carlosc1dbz

I think that this program is really cool. I am really into anime and I get fan subs. Most of the time, I would not be able to to watch it because the only program I had was Windows Media Player which I now know that is practically useless as far as everything. So know thanks to this program I can play practically any type of media file no matter what its format is.

26 Jun 2005 09:27 KimboMundy

Great for Streaming
This is the only player I've found that can handle streaming video from my ReplayTV.

26 May 2005 09:02 stefanlasiewski

A simple, free way to play DVDs on Windows XP!
Windows XP doesn't play DVDs by default. Most solutions cost $10-20 , which is too much to pay for basic functionality that should have come with Windows in the first place, especially when I'm talking about an entire office.

VideoLAN installs and plays DVDs and a bunch of other video formats right away. Simple to use, works well. It's much better then the pirated media players that most people use.

What more could you ask for?


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