Comments for VLC media player

28 Apr 2006 06:23 remoran

It's a 5 on both Mac and Win. Great app!

15 Apr 2006 15:17 jondoe

Downloaded it, tried it, definitely recommend it.

21 Mar 2006 07:17 serlis25

Great programm
Just downloaded it.
Want to say thanks to the developers.
Great programm.

15 Mar 2006 06:10 kbauman

This is great!
So far so good. I've just recently downloaded it, but so far it's great.

01 Mar 2006 14:38 file_agent

A+++ Makes any other media player seem like child's play!! Plays any file you can throw at it

12 Feb 2006 09:45 Pfv2

The only
The only player that I use right now! Very good work.

28 Jan 2006 06:13 dimatrix


I've been having lots of troubles trying to play HD videos with H.264 codec in pretty much all players existent and the results were awful until I heard about this player, I try it out and voila!!...excellent reproduction of the files, nothing more to add, just great...maybe just one thing, that will be a interface improvement but the main thing (reproduction) is perfect...

Two thumbs up!! :)

12 Jan 2006 13:34 chanio

even better on Windows!
P.IV-512Mb Ram-WinXPpro-not a special Video card: it rocks!

Just put the CD, call VLC and when pressing 'play'. A nother screen apears where you just select the Disk tab, the VCD radio button and specify the drive letter. Nothing else, just enjoy the show!

05 Jan 2006 22:39 caf4926

A Brilliant player, need I say more!!!

29 Dec 2005 14:20 phpexpert

One of the best!
With VLC i get best results for playback on my G4 350MHZ. Won't use any other prog!


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