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14 Jan 2007 19:01 yrili

Thank you guys . You did an awesome job . I would be dead on my Mac mini without it . Keep up the good work .

20 Dec 2006 05:18 Theimprover

Re: One of the best!
Same thing with different frequencies.

18 Dec 2006 14:29 torson

Re: Videolan (VLC) Player
VLC is the best. When I remember how many time I spend looking for plugins. Congrats.

28 Nov 2006 04:10 smmm0102

Thank you!
Thanks for this great video player. I just installed it and it works perfectly. I always had some video files on my harddisk I couldn't read with the normal Windows Media Player. But with your player: absolutely no problems! Thanks again and keep up the good work.


03 Nov 2006 23:15 oneminizut

VLC is the best
I'm running Slack 11.0 on 2.6 kernel and VLC compiled and ran with no problem whatsoever. In fact, this is the best player I've used yet under Gnu/Linux and I've used them all. This is a sharp project, props to the dev. team!

07 Oct 2006 13:53 RadicalPi

VLC Media Player
I use VLC mainly to play DVD's, it free, and it gives you the ability to copy them in a variety of formats. I give VLC a rating of and 8 as opposed to a 10 for one main reason. Whenever I try to copy video files into certain formats (usually wmv), VLC will "encounter an error, and be forced to close". I do not know why this problem occurs, but other than that, VLC Media Player is the greatest.

05 Sep 2006 04:25 morgaihas

VLC on Ubuntu
I just recently installed VLC on my ( 5 year old ) Dell C610 which runs Ubuntu Dapper drake.

VLC installs perfectly with the synaptic installer tool. The tool is somewhat less complex than its main competitor "mplayer" under Lunix.

To some this may be considered as a Con as Mplayers complexity allows more configuration possibilities. However i find the simplistic interface by VLC a mayor plus.

With Mplayer I had to manually change audio settings in order to get sound and image synchronised and even than it was far from perfect. VLC does the job right out of the box.

Good job ( as far as i can tell )

04 Aug 2006 08:52 Pfv2

Re: Videolan (VLC) Player

Definitely. VLC is the best player out there.

01 Jul 2006 18:06 gryrgmal

Videolan (VLC) Player
If you want a player that's stable, diverse, multi-functional and that will open your downloads even before they are fully downloaded.. Look no further.. I hate WMP and have had various problems with Quicktime, Realplayer and thier alternatives.. VLC always works and never lets me down..

07 Jun 2006 01:38 rupert001

VLC media player & Screen Capture
Wow the --nooverlay switch (see online documentation)

eg: "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --intf wx --nooverlay

This allows you to take a normal screen capture of video while VLC is playing.

This is something I have been trying to do for ages but never managed to do with other media players

Thanks heaps!



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