Comments for VLC media player

14 Mar 2008 08:22 joeecracker

Easy to install and easy to handle! Great tool!

16 Jan 2008 11:31 morghanphoenix

Best player out there.
I give it a 9 out of 10 for the sole reason that the GUI and fullscreen playback controls could use some improvement, but it beats all the other players hands down.

29 Nov 2007 01:48 Gear7

This thing is awesome. I just recently discovered it while looking for a player to play a broken divx I had. This player will play anything I throw at it. My only gripe is that, I wish that while in full screen, if I move my mouse to the bottom, the controls would pop up. I hate having to exit full screen mode to back a video up a bit.

29 Oct 2007 06:09 printercarrier

VLC cpu efficiency
This program can play 640x480 divx videos 4000kbps at 30fps fulscreen on a a pentium 2 450, and fullscreen 1920x1080 HD divx videos at 30fps on an athlon xp 1500, also 320x240 flc flash 9 videos fullscreen at 30fps on a pentium 2 450, very impressive, haven't tried h264.

07 Oct 2007 05:09 phiro47

cool player!
Thx guys, you did an awesome job - I love this player!

28 Aug 2007 01:45 hozeyzachary

The King of Player! Period.

18 Jul 2007 10:58 kuroneko22

Excellent program
A clean and efficient media player. Installs without any problem.

20 May 2007 19:18 toyolancruiser

VLC for Linux (Suse 10.2)
The Best!!!!!! Awesome..... Very simple and good installation procedure through the HTTP server. Plays all formats even DVDs too. Good package. Well done VideoLan..... Good work.

13 May 2007 03:11 vodkazero

VLC really the best
Simply the best player in the world.


- It can read all kind of files types fast and without problems;

- It can read video parts even if they are not complete and for this ability it is really good for previews while emule is downloading;

- It has support for skin changing and there are lots of skins

It's tha only one real player, take it, do not have doubts.

Cya ... Vz

05 Mar 2007 17:20 gecko99

thank you
Thanks for this fantastic player, i've tested many other videoplayer, but this one playes all without problems ;)


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