Comments for VLC media player

05 Jul 2009 20:48 nelackey

This media player is the most versatile player I have ever used. It will play any format you can throw at it without a blink. The entire codex are included with the download, itís free of all the bloat. I highly recommend the VLC Media Player.

02 Jul 2009 10:43 jdfmurphy

Just a fantastic bit of software! Much appreciated. Keep up the great work.

25 Jun 2009 05:18 skiziltoprak

Excellent! Superb! Thanks for the effort...

22 Jun 2009 16:02 terrapine

It's my favorite player. I've used it with win XP and Vista for some time and not had any problems. Great crontols for tweaking the settings . You know I really love this program bottom line. It's very easy so don't worry you should try it out.

09 Jun 2009 23:13 webwhammy

Thank you for the best flexible/portable media player there is!

17 May 2009 09:36 vesperaba

The release 0.9.9 has a problem with the status bar when I try with two screen. I've a laptop (primary) and a TV (extend my desktop). Then I play a film in full screen mode in my TV but the status bar showed in the laptop screen.

I like very much VLC. This comment is for improve. Thanks!

11 May 2009 12:22 Ogud

Well, what can I say??
Your VLC player replaces all of the different packages I currently use.
I love the keyboard shortcuts that allow fine tuning of fast and slow forward/freeze frame/motion capture....the list goes on....
The only thing I can't get my head round is the fact that it's freeware!!!
Thank you
PS I'm currently re covering from a serious accident and am not working however once i'm earning i'll definitely be sending you a donation to help (in a small way) you keep up the developments etc etc...

Once again thanks and best regards

24 Apr 2009 22:30 gnuskool

Awesome software, thx

27 Mar 2009 16:56 Cemseller

Very nice, easy to install no thinking to it. I chose to only allow DVD's to be associated with it and it works seamlessly.

25 Mar 2009 00:49 sirmikey1

Please incorporate the playlist directly into the media player; and especially the repeat button. It's just too awkward and messy with the two windows.


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