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Release Notes: This release brings a number of incremental improvements in performance and file content handling over previous releases, including faster repository lookup, a new configuration option for capping the size of processed file contents, improvements in the detection and transcoded display of non-ASCII/UTF8 file contents, and several enhancements to the GNU tarball generation feature.

Release Notes: This is in incremental release of the 1.1.x line. It contains a handful of minor bugfixes and enhancements.

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression introduced in 1.1.5, corrects some bits of the RSS feed support, and introduces rudimentary support for WSGI-based deployments.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that includes all the bugfixes and enhancements made thus far to the 1.1.x line. This release also contains a couple of minor security-related bugfixes.


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A folding text editor.


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A basic image difference viewer.