Version 3.1.0 of view3dscene

Release Notes: Scripting (in the KambiScript language) is implemented. Animating a camera by animating the Viewpoint position works. To improve navigation in scripted worlds, navigation type = "NONE" and speed = "0" are supported. Quaternions are used for EXAMINE navigation, which gives much more natural rotations when dragging with a mouse.

Other releases

  •  17 Aug 2013 22:47

Release Notes: The Mac OS X version has now a native look and is easy to install. Downloading resources using the HTTP protocol is implemented. Loading absolutely all resources from data URI (textures, sounds, 3D models) is now supported. New key shortcuts are available to easily switch between viewpoints. New X3D features include CAD level 2 nodes, MultiTexture.function, and NavigationInfo.transitionComplete. Switching fullscreen is improved. Material properties can be loaded from separate XML files.

  •  27 Jan 2013 17:25

Release Notes: It is now possible to navigate in the Walk and Fly modes by mouse dragging. Mouse 3D device support was added. Screen-space ambient occlusion is implemented (see menu item "View -> Screen Effects"). 3D lights can be edited interactively (see the "Edit -> Lights Editor" menu item). All screen effects cooperate now with multi-sampling (anti-aliasing). UNIT statement from X3D 3.3 is implemented. VisibilitySensor node is supported. Many fixes to triangulating concave polygons. Other minor improvements and optimizations coming from using Castle Game Engine 4.0.0.

  •  01 Jan 2012 21:50

Release Notes: Many improvements to Collada rendering and conversion to X3D. Geometry shaders are supported. The "Limit FPS" option is implemented, to not exhaust CPU. More image formats are supported for textures (GIF, TGA, XPM, PSD). A menu item to take a screenshot with a transparent background. A new command line option to choose an initial viewpoint. Improvements and optimizations to shadow maps and Variance Shadow Maps. Color interpolators work in HSV space.

  •  27 Jul 2011 15:05

Release Notes: X3D models can be saved to disk using the X3D XML encoding. Conversion from VRML 2 to X3D is now possible. New menu items and command-line options were added to enable conversion to various VRML/X3D versions and encodings. The independent "tovrmlx3d" binary was added to the view3dscene release, specifically to perform conversions in batch mode. Saving VRML/X3D models to classic encoding was also improved with better handling of META tags, better indentation, and more reliable saving of models using shadow maps extensions.

  •  04 Jul 2011 03:01

Release Notes: Everything can be rendered using GPU shaders, with per-pixel lighting, perfect specular highlights, and other effects. Bump mapping and shadow maps work with multiple light sources now, and correctly cooperate with all texture settings. New extensions to composite GPU shaders are implemented. Conversion of 3DS, Wavefront OBJ, Collada, and others to X3D 3.2 is implemented. Bump map textures referenced from 3DS and Wavefront OBJ are now handled. The X3D light sources "global" field is supported. Headlight can be customized by a new headlightNode extension.


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