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Release Notes: The code was upgraded to use .NET 2.0. The program was redesigned using .NET 2.0's new controls. The NetSpell spell checker was added with Vietnamese phonetic code rules. The sorting algorithm was improved. The result is still slightly off due to errors with Vietnamese collation in Windows.

Release Notes: This release adds the Jazzy spell checker with Vietnamese phonetic code rules. It adds a Normalize Diacritics function, which shifts tone marks to the proper positions. Both modern and classic styles are supported. Unicode conversion operations have been optimized. An NCR Hex conversion bug has been fixed.

Release Notes: Java 1.5.0's Locale vi features (collation, date/time format, etc.) have been incorporated. Shorthand can be enabled while Viet Mode is off. VISCII, VPS, UTF-8, and VIQR conversion are improved. A bug with file DnD on Linux has been worked around. Scroll bars and grow box have been lined up on Mac OS X. The Keyboard Mode label is clickable. An obscure bug that incorrectly alters Đ and đ letters to D and d during Unicode Compound conversion has been worked around. The bug only appears on certain Windows systems.

Release Notes: This release adds full Vietnamese localization, refines the sorting algorithm for Vietnamese string comparison, and adds support for left-to-right sorting.

Release Notes: Some localization has been performed. The ability to add diacritical marks to unmarked Vietnamese text has been added. Find/replace operations have been enhanced. Anti-aliasing has been added.

Release Notes: VietPad's package name was renamed to work around a bug with the JRE 1.4.2 interpreter which sometimes fails to properly recognize the "net.sourceforge.vietpad" package name on certain systems. A printing bug that clipped small-font text at the right margin was fixed. Input engine performance was optimized. The ability to change case and join parapraphs (removing line breaks) was added. Shorthand was added. A preferences dialog was added. An Undo/Redo bug was fixed. Find/Replace operations were enhanced to accept newline (\n) and tab (\t) characters.

Release Notes: This version incorporates significant improvements, including improved input engine performance, a diacritical mark removal mechanism and more efficient key input processing, improved cross-platform look and feel, especially for Mac OS X, improved conversion performance, Vietnamese word sorting, and stripping diacritics capabilities.

Release Notes: An auto-detect file encoding algorithm, specifically tailored for detecting Vietnamese characters in various UTF encodings, has been added. Unicode conversion support has been added for legacy, Numeric Character References (NCR), and UTF-8 formats. Preferences have been added to store persistent data. The Ant build tool is utilized.

Release Notes: A new, improved input engine with the SmartMark feature which enables entering diacritical marks at word ends, besides the tradition method.


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