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  •  09 May 2007 13:41

Release Notes: A bug has been fixed in the function library that detects audio and video parameters. This bug caused the audio rate of a given audio to be wrong sometimes. ffmpeg cannot resample from 5 to 6 channels when encoding AC3 files, and MPlayer cannot do this conversion either. Therefore, this release uses the number of channels from the source, if this number is greater than 2. The parameters for ffmpeg have been changed (the 'k' in the -ab option has been added). The determination of the number of audio channels in the input has been fixed. This was sometimes incorrectly zero.

  •  26 Aug 2006 11:49

Release Notes: A bug was fixed in movie-title where movie-title would call ImageMagick's convert with wrong parameters, producing a defective PNG which would cause spumux (in the dvdauthor package) to crash later on in the building process. Whether this would happen or not seems fairly random, but it was a big nuisance that affected a lot of users. now works again with's new URL format.

  •  06 Nov 2005 16:37

Release Notes: This version fixes many bugs that arose in non-standard situations. More portability has been addressed by only using common functionality on the various supported platforms. Further, some minor but very useful enhancements have been added, such as a progress indicator with an estimated time-of-completion display while encoding movies to the DVD VOB format.

  •  02 Sep 2005 14:42

Release Notes: A problem has been fixed where 5.1 AC3 audio would not be correctly transcoded if the audio pitch had to be adjusted. A bug in the data/ where the mkdir would fail if the videotrans directory already existed has been fixed. Some documentation bugs and omissions have been fixed. Documentation has been added for the program. A lot of code has been cleaned up to be shorter and more legible. video-title and video-make-title now accept audio with more than two channels. All programs are more robust regarding errors and more clean in their output.

  •  24 Aug 2005 03:05

Release Notes: Installation problems that occurred in 1.0.0 have been fixed.


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