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  •  01 Nov 2004 22:02

Release Notes: Config file fixes and input selection cleanup were done. SDL example code was added.

Release Notes: This version adds motion detection, and a sample alphablend code to put a logo in every image. There are some little updates to fix typos to the V4L programming documentation.

  •  12 May 2003 17:41

Release Notes: A small PDF file that tries to explain about v4l and videodog was added, and lots of bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release has a faster bgr24 swap function (x86 only), cycle input in each capture, an updated man page, more code examples, and more info about effects. Small bugs in the name format, a misconception of some loop functions, a bug in the config parser, and compilation without JPEGLib support have all been fixed.

Release Notes: A new example GTK capture app, filenames as timestamp-sequence-input.format, improved documentation, and fixes for a lot of little bugs and an input changing issue.

Release Notes: This release includes a "mode" directive in the config file, a timestamp function with scaling and many text options, some tuneups in the file recording functions, a fix for the -h option not working, and also a fix for a memory leak in the read_conf function.

Release Notes: An option to dump the image to stdout (no matter what format) has been added. gtkpnm, a gtk-based pnm viewer (not required to build videodog) has been added. Another bug in channel changing with some bt848 cards has been fixed. The -DDEBUG flag has been disabled.

Release Notes: A new config file, lots of new effects, TARGA image format for saving TGA 24 bits images, a fix for a bug that doesn't allow input changing and non-JPEG compilations to work properly (this bug does affects the JPEG compile too with the loop option), fixes for some non-closed file descriptors, a fix for another malloc/free bug, and commenting the effects section.

Release Notes: Fixes for sobel and laplace convolutions, some slowness reported in channel changing, and a bug which forced the channel to be set every time even if the user doesn't specify it, a new noise effect (salt), and a negative image effect.

Release Notes: This release adds some rough functions to show how to hook the image and transform or process it, a simple xlib jpeg viewer (xputjpeg), an Install function in the makefile, more document work, and some screenshots showing the effects (on the home page). The -w 1 capture now works (no more segfaults).


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