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VideoCache is a squid URL rewriter plugin written in Python that traps the requests to Squid for various audio/video Web sites and caches the audio/video in the local storage on a proxy server for serving subsequent requests for the same audio/video. It caches the audio/video independently of Squid's caching system. The cached files are stored in a browsable fashion.


Recent releases

  •  26 Aug 2009 22:44

    Release Notes: Video cache has been updated to support new Youtube and Metacafe URLs that are being used to serve videos. This release also contains a setup file for Debian and derivatives. It will perform much better than 1.9.1 as the cache directory size calculation, which was eating a lot of CPU earlier, has been removed.

    •  10 Mar 2009 09:53

      Release Notes: Disk size calculation will no longer hang the plugin and does not take place before every download. The calculated size of the cache directories is cached for next 50 downloads. The caching mechanism is not based on time because cache size will not increase unless there is a download. The cached directory size stays with the XMLRPC server. Calculations are performed in a forked daemon so that the normal plugin behavior is not affected. The calculator function is now more generic.

      •  12 Feb 2009 18:52

        Release Notes: This release supports multiple caching directories separated by '|' in the configuration file. It has a cache cleaner script to remove unused videos automatically. The last modified time of a video is updated whenever it's a CACHE_HIT to help the removal script. There is support for YouTube videos served directly from an IP address (without using domain names). Support has been added for tube8 videos for mobile platforms. A log misbehavior bug has been fixed.

        •  30 Jan 2009 21:53

          Release Notes: Code cleanup on a large scale. Improved assigment for Web site-specific global variables. Daemon forking has been moved from the XML-RPC server to the client, as it would result in fewer occupied sockets. The total number of queries to the XML-RPC server has been reduced in order to get rid of TIME_WAIT sockets. Major cleanup in the cache_video and squid_part functions.

          •  29 Jan 2009 01:39

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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