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vgrabbj grabs a frame from the videodevice and writes it as a JPG/PNG to stdout or a file, which makes it ideal for a Web cam. It supports timestamping, can run as daemon, and shows the current settings of a video device.

Operating Systems

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  •  20 Feb 2002 00:43

Release Notes: A new ability to discard (number) of frames before the actual shot is taken, a rewrite of config parser, more info on commandline errors, switchable use of temporary output file, changes in two commandline switches, improved configure to find freetype library, new DaemonSeconds in config file, and OpenOnce defaults to ON to prevent memory fragmentation.

  •  23 Dec 2001 00:55

Release Notes: The configure script was fixed and finally works with/without features. The handling of ftp-connection close was changed.

  •  12 Nov 2001 03:09

Release Notes: The ability to upload an image via ftp automatically, and the ability to open a device once only for daemon mode was added. An external configfile is now available, and a bugfix in png_write (possible segfault) was fixed.

  •  14 Jul 2001 18:23

Release Notes: Several palettes have been added to recognized V4L formats (RGB24, RGB32, YUYV, YUV420, and YUV420P). The logging ability has been enhanced.

  •  01 Apr 2001 20:56

Release Notes: This release includes various segfault bugfixes, several new features, and support for more cams.


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