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VFU File Manager

VFU is console (text mode) file manager for UNIX. It includes all standard file handling features as well as filename completion, tree views, regexp selection, archive support, and much more. See the homepage for a full feature list.

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  •  16 Jan 2014 23:21

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with directory name completion which froze VFU when case-insensitive completion options were enabled.

    •  05 Jan 2014 15:33

      Release Notes: This release adds "smart" HOME/END keys navigation, incrementally searches the next command, and fixes NAME### (natural) sorting mode.

      •  03 Jun 2012 18:05

        Release Notes: This release adds BACKSPACE as alternative to ESC for mobile users (i.e. Nokia N900), longer history lists on larger terminals, and an option for case-insensitive filename matching. It also fixes several problems with filenames and zip archives. The embedded PCRE was upgraded.

        •  05 Jul 2009 14:50

        Release Notes: This release adds an option for the default target directory to be the current working directory, the %g and %G shell line options (for filename lists), and the tools Tools/Rename_Tools/Replace_SymLink_w._Original, Tools/Go_To_Symlink_Target, and Tools/Go_Back_To_Last_Target. 64-bit offset formats under 32-bit platforms (SEE) were fixed. Sizes above 4GB are now correctly shown and calculated. The source management was converted to git. A Cygwin package is now available. Several patches from Debian were applied.

        •  05 Jun 2005 13:15

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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