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  •  13 Feb 2014 13:46

Release Notes: Shaded error bar regions are now plotted behind the plotting line for xy widgets. Several bugs were fixed, including the embedding interface and some crashes in the tutural, polar widget, broken axis widget, and in the setting menu. Formatting string support was improved and fixed. If the desktop size is changed, Veusz mo longer restores the window off the edge of the screen.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release, but it includes some new features. It fixes dragging and dropping widgets, an occasional random crash, and some compilation problems. When plotting scaled points on a graph, it is optional to scale the border of the points. Text labels now have an optional border and background fill. The axis labels on a ternary plot can be placed at the minimum or maximum of the graph. Veusz can now use astropy for FITS file support, rather than pyfits.

Release Notes: Expressions of datasets can now be used directly for plotting. It is now possible for axes scales to be specified by a function. An axis can optionally be linked to another axis via this function. In the data editor, multiple datasets can be edited simultaneously, similar to a spreadsheet. Support for stepped colour maps has been added. The aspect ratio of graphs can be fixed, and grids of graphs can now have an internal margin set. Different coordinate system modes have been added for FITS import. Several bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release, although non-orthogonal plots can now have points color-coded based on a dataset. Duplicate axes when using a grid have been removed. The print dialog now works again. The crash when adding a blank polar plot has been fixed. The program now exits properly when using --export on Mac OS X. The Mac OS X binary release now has a Qt patch to fix icons on the formatting tab.

  •  26 Mar 2013 12:36

Release Notes: A broken-axis widget has been added to support axes with numerical gaps in them. Grid lines are now always plotted under (or over) the data. Polar plots now support minimum radii and logarithmic radii. SAMP and VoTable support have been added. Stepped plots can have the points shifted by the gaps by half the gaps between data points. The point picker picks to the clipboard and/or the console. The axes on the ternary plot can now be reversed. Several minor bugs have also been fixed.

Release Notes: Veusz now includes experimental MathML support. The bar plot widget now has a stacked-area option. Axis labels can also be placed to the left or right of the axis. Lines can now be specified by end coordinates. Several dataset plugins have been added, including sort, 2D histogram, divide by maximum, and normalize. Custom color maps can be edited and saved within documents. Shape widgets can now clip themselves to the plot. Most strings are now translatable within the application. There have also been a number of bugfixes. Self tests now succeed on ARM platforms.

  •  04 Apr 2012 12:23

Release Notes: This release adds much-improved hatching support, including more hatch styles. The axis widget will not extend past specified bounds, and more option have been added for calculating its extent. Grid widgets can now be placed within grids. Veusz now includes Ctrl+Mousewheel zooming, fullscreen mode, and DBus support. Datasets can be tagged to aid management, and multiple datasets can be selected in the browser. Text in SVG files can be written as text, rather than curves. Keys can now include a title option. There have been several other minor features added and bugs fixed.


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