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Very Quick Wiki is a JSP/Servlet WikiWiki Web clone. It is installed by dropping a single WAR into Tomcat, Resin, etc. It features built-in filesystem or MySQL backend, email notification, diff, usernames, file upload /attachment, admin/topic-locking, recent changes, search engine, standard Wiki markup, and optional HTML support.


Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2006 15:57

    Release Notes: This is an intermediate release due to a serious bug with attachments which surfaced in 2.7.9. Attaching a link in the top menu bar was fixed. Attach functionality was fixed. A URL in vqwiki.css for an external URL image was corrected. The use of "--" for strike-through was removed since it broke horizontal line ("----"). The Italian translation was updated. The RSS Servlet was changed to produce RSS output that validates with

    •  27 Sep 2005 17:51

      Release Notes: This release adds a basic preview option, including admin screen setting. The default behaviour is not to use it. It fixes a missing edit.js, ordered list trouble, the wrong path for in admin-guide, an issue where the RSS plugin's keep setting produced a null pointer, and an Export2HTML problem. External links show up in ToDo.

      •  12 Sep 2003 03:57

        Release Notes: This is the first release on freshmeat since 2.3.x, so there are many significant changes. Some of these are connection pooling and DataSource support, Oracle support, Italian and German translations, statistics, HTML export, RSS feed, full Lucene-based search, and many stability fixes.

        •  03 Mar 2003 04:06

          Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes, a History browser, inline image uploads, and escaped double underscores.

          •  16 Jan 2003 06:02

            Release Notes: This release includes a version browser: click the "history" menu item on any topic to see a list of the versions of that topic. Clicking a date in the list produces a display of both the marked up version and the original contents. Absolute URLs can be used for the customized logo. There is a new look'n'feel and some bugfixes to allow internationalized WikiNames. This version also features an extensible lexer system including Java source code formatting as an example, and provides full HTML include.


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