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Verbiste is a French conjugation system implemented as a C++ library, a GNOME applet, and two command-line tools. It can conjugate verbs and analyze conjugated verbs to determine their mode, tense, and person. The knowledge base contains over 6700 verbs.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Apr 2014 00:11

    Release Notes: A user has ported the GNOME 2 applet to MATE. The verb choir now has a second present participle: cheyant. The verb server has been fixed. The name of the conjugation model now appears in the results of the graphical application. The latter now points to the Wikizionario when the verb is in Italian.

    •  01 Nov 2013 03:31

      Release Notes: The PNG icons of several sizes, which were introduced witih version 0.1.39, are now pre-generated, so that compiling Verbiste does not require the rsvg-convert command. The config.guess and config.sub files, which are used to compile Verbiste, have been updated.

      •  29 Oct 2013 02:23

        Release Notes: The conjugation of verbs blasphémer, brumasser, crémer, écrémer, and luire has been fixed. The bogus verb satisfer has been removed. The PNG icon has been replaced with an SVG file, from which PNG icons of several sizes are generated.

        •  28 Jun 2013 18:51

          Release Notes: A conjugation page now shows a link to the Wiktionnaire page which is expected to contain the definition of the displayed verb.

          •  20 May 2013 21:20

            Release Notes: The user can now pass a verb as an argument to the graphical programs to make them display an initial conjugation.

            Recent comments

            07 Apr 2014 14:13 nobita2014

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