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  •  20 Dec 2008 08:57

Release Notes: Demand at stations for mined minerals and ores now increases at a drastically higher rate (over twice as fast for low-value ores, a little less for high-value ores). Storm fog bugs with grey asteroids and when changing resolution/window mode/antialiasing mode were fixed. Crashes on startup with 256MB+ video cards and when logging out with the Behemoth Heavy Miner ship were fixed. All previous subscribers from more than 45 days ago may play for free until the end of December. 1-month extended trial keys are still available.

  •  29 Jan 2003 17:07

Release Notes: Increased resiliancy of the new Updater, and a fix for a number of gameplay bugs and crashes.


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A program that identifies mislabeled samples in genotype data.