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  •  17 Sep 2011 10:18

    Release Notes: The maximum resolution of the game icon on Windows was increased. An issue relating to certain types of NPCs becoming lost or stuck under certain circumstances was fixed. Further debugging was added to help detect and detail any other issues relating to persistent and convoy NPCs on the server. Game launcher resiliency and error handling on Xperia PLAY were improved. Voice chat was fixed.

    •  10 Sep 2011 08:07

      Release Notes: The Trident Type M, player-constructable capship, now includes an integrated 2000-meter Heavy Storm Radar Extender and a 2000-meter Shared Group Radar Extender (the featurs are present on all existing and future vessels). PC versions now feature the updated graphical startup and loading screens used on the Android build. A "Delete Key" button was added to the key info interface, allowing the removal of keys used for station and capship ownership.

      •  02 Jul 2011 11:49

        Release Notes: Ship damage percentage should now be displayed properly for player-owned Trident Type M capital ships. Trident turbo drain was reduced to 45. A new mission was included: "Intermediate Combat Practice" from Phaserlight. The "High Risk Courier Needed" mission now records failures. Some weapons (Rails, Posis, etc.) have different trading parameters. Selecting a small ship (Behemoth, etc.) that has attached turrets will now target only the ship and not the turrets.

        •  23 Apr 2011 18:07

          Release Notes: Guild Commanders can now vote with the same privileges as Council members. Guild votes now last for 7 days instead of 1 day. It should no longer be possible to create more than one User Key for a given Owner Key. A condensed group view was added for the HUD in anticipation of increased group size limits, but the limit has not yet been changed. Deneb nation scores should now be properly retained across server restarts.

          •  16 Apr 2011 12:28

            Release Notes: A prototype player-owned capship can now be constructed through a series of missions. A new versioning system was provided for plugins and interface replacements. A Capship Access Key dialog is shown when launching from a station with a capship for the first time. Unknown binds are no longer deleted from wgaf.cfg when the game exits.

            •  21 Mar 2011 02:52

              Release Notes: New prototype capship stations for testing in preparation of player-owned capships. A new offline tutorial for Android that shows players how to look around. The Android updater now times out after 30 seconds if the initial download fails. The Android updater progress bar is now set to indeterminate mode until progress actually occurs. Occasionally crashing sectors have been fixed.

              •  12 Mar 2011 10:42

                Release Notes: When in turret mode, the 'Press Activate to leave the turret' no longer fades away. The ability to invert the x/y axes of the Android HUD aiming touch region was added. The Android Controls Defaults button now properly resets the controls to the Android version. The Android virtual keyboard's Shift button now acts as a shift button instead of a shift-lock button. Android's off-line flight tutorial was updated to have the touch regions outlined in green instead of blinking. The Android updater displays errors if there is no Internet connection or the initial download fails.

                •  05 Feb 2011 13:19

                  Release Notes: The Keychain access menu now shows a full list of access instead of just the first station's access. The Windows version no longer tries to warp the mouse cursor when the game is not active. New single-player game tutorials were created, initially for Android, but eventually for all versions.

                  •  16 Jan 2011 22:23

                    Release Notes: Queens will now rarely drop the Queen Gatling Cannon. 15 new missions from Phaserlight, winner of the holiday PCC Mission Contest. The Windows Vista/7 audio system now supports 5.1 audio setups. Key ramping is now off by default. This only affects new installs; it does not change your current setting. Guild Voice Chat has been added. Guild members are automatically joined to the Guild Voice Chat channel when they log in. The Android updater no longer keeps the screen on while downloading, saving battery life.

                    •  23 Dec 2010 13:56

                      Release Notes: The VoiceChat technology was upgraded to a new version. The ice shaders were fixed for the Android version.


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