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  •  08 Dec 2012 13:31

    Release Notes: A massive new 39-mission tree was added. Graphics for the standard cargo crate have been completely updated with a new asset. This crate will eventually be used at multiple sizes to visually indicate crates that have larger quantities of items or use more cubic units of space.

    •  24 Nov 2012 08:33

      Release Notes: Maximum password length has been increased to 64 characters. A problem with video options not being saved was fixed. Default settings for Adreno 320-based Android devices were increased. Storms in Deneb were removed.

      •  18 Nov 2012 21:06

        Release Notes: This release adds a touch-to-select HUD feature to the Android version. Just touch the target (making sure no other touch region is touched) and it is selected, depending on your HUD's "Target" mode. Reduced network traffic when logging in. Storms once again appear in Edras and Pelatus. A problem with Trade Guild mission choosing the wrong destination stations has been fixed. Code has been added to the audio system to fix missing sound on some Windows Vista/7/8 desktop computers.

        •  11 Nov 2012 18:42

          Release Notes: This release fixes an ice asteroid rendering problem on the Windows Store version. Improvements to deal with higher latency connections. The Android version should no longer show a black screen if you press Home during the initial loading screens. An Options button has been added to the PDA menu.

          •  27 Oct 2012 06:06

            Release Notes: New visual effects for the Starflare rocket explosion, and support for the MOGA game controller in the Android version. Upon first launch, a MOGA menu will show what the controls are bound to. The menu is also available from the HUD by typing /help in chat.

            •  17 Oct 2012 22:20

              Release Notes: A new visual effects for Mining Beams. Fixes for the Linux joystick calibration menu. A fix for rare "invincible" Hive Queens. A fix for a common case where Linux crash-reporter would fail to appear. Orun Collectors in the training sector no longer leave.

              •  06 Oct 2012 04:30

                Release Notes: New icons for mission categories, and new visual effects for the Charged Cannon. The joystick calibration menu in the Mac version was fixed. A crash in the Android version when attempting to see which commands the accelerometer is bound to in the console was fixed.

                •  29 Sep 2012 09:32

                  Release Notes: Station type logos that indicate whether the station is a Capitol, Barracks, Mining, etc. were added. More default joystick configurations were added for the Android version. When a player flying a capship times out, the players docked to it are no longer killed. They are now launched from the capship.

                  •  22 Sep 2012 09:52

                    Release Notes: Faction logos were added to the respective descriptions in the Faction Standings section of the PDA. Default binds were added for the Logitech F710 gamepad for Android. Possible crashes on Android Jelly Bean were fixed (requires Google Play or a sideload APK update).

                    •  15 Sep 2012 07:07

                      Release Notes: New minor faction logos were added to station menus. A problem where temp KOS for a faction was not being applied if it was already active for another faction was fixed. Players who damage themselves and then get killed by someone else no longer get a PK assist.


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