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  •  28 Sep 2013 08:04

    Release Notes: New Vulture ship assets were added for upcoming testing. Gamepad support for Android was improved. Better default buttons were implemented for OK (A) and Cancel (B). Auto-fire was fixed on Android microconsoles. The ice texture was fixed when shaders are turned off on OpenGL PCs. Oculus Rift field of view was increased. Mines now sympathetically detonate when other players' mines explode nearby. Conquerable stations are no longer chosen as trade mission destinations. NPCs and turrets no longer attempt to fire on players entering the sector (while they are invulnerable).

    •  17 Aug 2013 08:44

      Release Notes: The 'station under attack' notification received by keyholders of conquerable stations now includes the name of the station under attack. Turret fire delay now persists between leaving and entering turrets. Amazon GameCircle 2.0 support was added, requiring the app to be updated through the Amazon Store. The horizontal scrollbar in the Jettison menu was fixed. Chat messages are more robustly handled during the tiny instant while you jump between sectors. Keychain error messages now include the name of the player you were attempting to give the key to.

      •  29 Jun 2013 05:26

        Release Notes: Delivery missions now only deliver to stations and not capships. The virtual keyboard can now be turned off on the Ouya version. Amazon Appstore In-App Purchasing was added. Tab order for UI controls was improved. Corruption when only one light source is in the scene was fixed. Basic control support was added for the NVIDIA Shield.

        •  01 Jun 2013 08:30

          Release Notes: Conquerable stations' capture timeout was increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. Adjustments were made to several weapon-based trade routes. The virtual keyboard now preserves the currently-entered text if it is closed by a non-user action. A crash on Android when Voice Chat is enabled was fixed. The Android version now uses a different timing function so that timeouts shouldn't occur if the device's clock gets re-synced. An issue with the joystick still controlling your ship if the virtual mouse mode is enabled was fixed. The virtual keyboard setting is now independent of the HUD touchscreen mode.

          •  25 May 2013 13:58

            Release Notes: Conquerable Station defense-turret armor was reduced from 450k to 90k, making conquest an easier prospect. Game controller support for Android (including Ouya) was improved. A 'virtual mouse' that is controlled by the left stick with 'A' being the 'left mouse button' was implemented. Any other button will cancel the virtual mouse. Game controllers can now be connected to an Android device while the game is running, and the controller will be automatically detected when any of the analog controls on the controller are moved. Native support for game controller HID devices was added, but this requires an APK update.

            •  04 May 2013 07:25

              Release Notes: Issues with low framerate on all platforms when getting damaged repeatedly, shooting ammo-based weapons, or collecting ore were fixed. A tilt calibration menu was added in Options->Advanced->Controller-> Accelerometer for accelerometer-enabled devices (iPad and WinRT devices need to wait for an update in their respective stores). Premium In-App product purchases were provided for iOS and Android versions. Serco Vulture Guardian is now available at level 3, giving access to iPad players and other "Lite" subscribers.

              •  09 Mar 2013 09:28

                Release Notes: Initial mission list updates are now much faster. The faction logo in the station menu is now clickable. The faction's description in the faction standings menu is displayed. The virtual keyboard was revamped. Graphics, texture management, and chat were improved. Long-press for touch devices was improved to drag-drop addons between your ship ports and inventory in the Ship Configuration menu. Selecting 'Route' on a non-local mission sets it up to automatically pop up the mission dialog when you dock to that station. There were many other changes.

                •  16 Jan 2013 22:03

                  Release Notes: This release fixes delivery missions so that they now take items from your inventory without you having to launch and dock again. It fixes the Android virtual keyboard being too long if the text being edited is too long. It adds right/left arrow buttons to move the text cursor. It fixes the UI being slightly too wide on some aspect ratios/resolutions. It increases the robustness of the Android version, and adds crash detection and compatibility mode. Compatibility mode includes lower texture quality and simpler shaders.

                  •  05 Jan 2013 09:04

                    Release Notes: The long press to add waypoints to the navmap was improved. Default font size on Kindle Fire HD 7" tablets was fixed. Temp KoS improvements and fixes were made. Convoy activity in station sectors was increased.

                    •  25 Dec 2012 13:19

                      Release Notes: This release fixed joystick related issues and a problem with certain missions being displayed that cannot be taken. When cancelling chat in touch-screen mode, the chat entry box in the HUD is also closed. Long-press support was added in the navmap for adding waypoints. A one-click mode was added for mobile devices to create a guest account without having to enter user info, which allows new players to get into the game quickly. A conversion menu is in place to add required information before you can convert the account to a subscription. 'Android Market' references were changed to 'Google Play' for the Android version.


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