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Apache VelocityTools provides servlets and tools for rapid, clean, MVC Web development with Velocity, tools for using Velocity with the Struts 1 framework, and a set of generic tools to help with any Velocity project.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Jan 2008 06:24

    Release Notes: The configuration system and core infrastructure were overhauled. Everything is more flexible, easy, and powerful now. A number of new tools and new capabilities were implemented all around, including VelocityViewTag for using Velocity in JSP.

    •  15 Feb 2007 01:46

      Release Notes: A key focus in this version has been ease of use. It simplifies developing your own tools (by removing the ViewTool and Configurable interfaces), as well as the syntax for using existing tools within Velocity templates. There's also a new showcase Web app that demos many uses of the various tools and lets you interactively play with them. Download the binary distro and deploy the showcase.war to your servlet container. Also included is the usual slate of bugfixes, dependency upgrades, entirely new tools, and new functions for existing tools.

      •  14 Nov 2005 21:40

        Release Notes: This release adds a SortTool, ValueParser, Alternator, ListTool, EscapeTool, BrowserSniffer, result paging support, support for tool configuration parameters, and more. It upgrades Struts support to 1.2.x+. The documentation has continued to improve, and many small bugs have been fixed.

        •  18 May 2004 09:53

          Release Notes: This release includec full support for Struts 1.1 (and 1.2) features such as modules, tiles, and validator, much improved generic tools (DateTool, MathTool, etc.), numerous minor bugfixes, and more.

          •  22 Feb 2004 20:53

            Release Notes: TilesTool and ValidatorTool have been refined and completed. Addition of NumberTool has been added for number formatting. The documentation of the newer tools has been improved. Examples of new VelocityStruts tools and features are included. There are further improvements to MathTool & DateTool, new recommended keys for MessageTool and ActionMessagesTool, and several miscellaneous bugfixes.


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