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Vee is a command-line blog tool that is very portable across Unix systems. It provides an interactive as well as a batch interface to maintain a log of entries. Formatting is done using a module architecture that allows a high degree of customization. There are minimal flags and no set up is required.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Working towards a new release. 03 Jun 2012 23:16

While I thinking about the best way to improve vee, I decided that I would focus on creating a set of tools centered around the Unix philosophy that would make managing vee posts much easier. With this in mind, I am working towards a new release that focuses on supporting tools to help manage the .vee directory and .raw files. Highlights veels Used to support supported and custom built utilities for managing posts, this utility will simply return a list of .raw files in the .vee directory; it's used as a supporting tool for vee-rebuild. veecat Given a .raw file name, veecat will output the title (-t), the date (-d), the body of the post (-b), or all (-a). It's used essentially as a way to parse .raw files, but can be used in combination with veels to list all titles, for example: "% veels | veecat -t" vee-rebuild Rebuilds the index file incase it's accidentally deleted, based on the contest of the .vee directory's .raw files. Bleeding edge of these can be tried out via the git repo's master branch. They will work with existing vee blogs. A new version release will ensue once testing and documentation are complete. Enjoy.

Recent releases

  •  22 Sep 2007 07:55

    Release Notes: This release added greater post management capabilities. It is now easier to add custom format functions, and you can employ a preformat filter. There is still zero setup and config basic use.

    •  10 Sep 2007 00:11

      Release Notes: Some configurations at the top of the script have been made slightly more accessible. The Web page has been updated with a lot more information.

      •  08 Sep 2007 21:20

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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