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VDrift is a driving simulation game made with drift racing in mind, powered by the Vamos physics engine.

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Release Notes: Single race mode, artificial intelligence drivers, opponent selection, optional track reversal, and race results were added to the game. New display options include anisotropic filtering, full-scene antialiasing, cube-mapped lighting, and cube-mapped dynamic reflections. The heads up display now shows track map, laps, position, and opponent lap time. The controls now feature experimental force feedback support, antilock braking (ABS), traction control (TCS), button control delay, independent deadzone gain and exponent settings on every assigned analog control, tunable speed sensitive steering, and more.

Release Notes: A new menu system was added which works with mouse, keyboard, or joystick devices. Internationalization support was added. Lap timing works again. Speed-variable steering sensitivity options were added for joysticks. Anisotropic filtering was added. Old cars were updated. Static track shadows were added, and car shadows were fixed. Collision detection was optimized. Sounds were updated. Textures were updated. The smoke particle system is more efficient. Track object loading and drawing were optimized. An autopackage was added. 14 new cars and 9 new tracks were imported from Racer and other places.

Release Notes: This preview release includes a new model-based tracks system and tracks imported from This new track system is not totally complete and some aspects of the game have not been reimplemented on it yet. This includes shadows, external cameras, slippery surfaces, and multiplayer. These issues will be fixed in an upcoming release. Other small changes were made, including updates to the way missing config files are handled. The SDL library framework is now included in the OS X build setup. A new car was added, the "XM".

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