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Vandermonde Forward Error Correction

VDMFEC implements Block ECC using a Forward Error Correction (FEC) code based on Vandermonde (VDM) matrices in GF(2^8) due to Luigi Rizzo. Given the FEC parameters K and N, with N greater than K, N blocks are written for every K input blocks in such a way that any K blocks are sufficient to reconstruct the data. That is, up to N - K blocks out of every group of N blocks may be lost without loss of data. VDMFEC's primary application is intended to be in recovering data from unreliable media such as diskettes. With appropriate parameters, files may be recovered even with many read errors. (Note that you must write the data to the diskette using this program in order to be able to recover the data later!)


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  •  19 Sep 2001 16:19

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29 Sep 2007 02:35 SergeyFeoktistov Thumbs up

1. Sorry for my bad english :-)

2. Thanks for the good program! It really works :-) In conjunction with dd_restore, it gives me assurance that my archives will not be corrupted after many years of keeping - even medias will be partially corrupted.


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