Version 0.7.5 of GNU VCDImager/VCDRip

Release Notes: This release implements the creation of (empty) directories and on-the-fly scan offset updating for MPEG2 streams. The documentation was also improved.

Other releases

Release Notes: Buffer overflow protection was improved. A memory exhaustion with VCD 2.0 disks was fixed. A new API vcdinfo_get_track_last_lsn() was added, which is like cdinfo_get_track_last_lsn() but adjusts for 0-origin or non-MPEG ISO 9660 tracks. libvcdinfo can now be used from C++. The severity of read_info errors was reduced to allow recovery. Documentation and doxygen improvements were made. The license info was updated, and was amended to indicate the use of Reed-Solomon encoding. Other minor changes were made.

Release Notes: Some additions to libvcdinfo were made to facilitate handling mouse "hot spots" in media players. Other small additions, bugfixes, and documentation updates were also performed.

  •  15 May 2005 00:06

Release Notes: Some small memory leaks and invalid memory references were fixed. An option "notrack" was added to vcdxrip to skip ripping of a specific track. A single argument in vcd-info now acts like the -i option. A sample program was added to show the use of libvcdinfo.

  •  08 Dec 2004 02:33

Release Notes: Better MMC-3 conformance and interoperability with libcdio 0.71, Darwin compilation fixes, and miscellaneous bugfixes.

Release Notes: CD image reading and ISO-9660 have been moved into the libcdio project and are no longer included. The documentation has been revised, with separate documentation added for vcdxrip and vcd-info. Some changes to the libvcdinfo have been made to facilitate use in media players. Numerous small things, memory leak fixes, feature enhanancements, or performance improvements have been made.


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