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VCalSax is a simple Python module for managing scheduler data in XML. It enables loading data from VCalendar files into DOM trees, and to rewrite such trees as VCalendar files. To make such conversions, VCalSax defines a Sax parser which changes the VCalendar format to a specific XML format, and a XSL Transform to build VCalendar files. VCalendar is a standard format for scheduler data used in many calendar software (KOrganizer, Evolution, etc.).

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Recent releases

  •  12 Apr 2002 15:34

    Release Notes: This releases uses the new APIs in pyxml-0.7 and 4Suite-0.12.0.

    •  18 Mar 2002 16:43

      Release Notes: This release was updated to adapt to changes in the Python SAX API in PyXML-0.7.

      •  09 Oct 2001 19:57

        Release Notes: SAX interface conformity.

        •  12 Feb 2001 21:54

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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