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  •  25 Sep 2011 17:55

Release Notes: Address operand formatting for LDS, STS, JMP, and CALL instructions was changed from byte addresses to word addresses to make vAVRdisasm's output compatible with AVR assemblers. A bug involving signed relative branch/jump decoding was fixed: jumps in the reverse direction are now correctly decoded. The license was upgraded from the GPLv2 to the GPLv3.

Release Notes: A critical bug was fixed regarding S-Record reading, which was ignoring valid data records. Output file support was added by way of the -o/--out-file option. Standard input support was added with the "-" file argument, meaning that the disassembler now supports piped input. Atmel Generic / Intel HEX8 / Motorola S-Record auto-detection was improved by using the first character rather than the file extension. Support was added for printing of original opcode data alongside disassembly.

Release Notes: Address decoding was fixed for LDS, STS, JMP, and CALL instructions. A modification in the previous release where addresses were doubled because disassembly is byte indexed was reversed. Support for XCH, LAS, LAC, and LAT instructions was added, bringing the disassembler up to date with AVR Instruction Set revision 0856I - 07/10.

  •  28 May 2010 09:27

Release Notes: Address decoding was fixed for the LDS, STS, JMP, and CALL instructions. Previously, vAVRdisasm was printing the disassembled address operands as twice the value they should have been for these instructions.

  •  05 Feb 2010 00:17

Release Notes: This release fixes the number-of-operands field for the SPM instruction. This bug was causing vAVRdisasm to crash, as it was attempting to format a nonexistent operand during disassembly.

  •  09 Oct 2009 09:27

Release Notes: Support was added for DES, SPM #2, LDS (16-bit), and STS (16-bit) instructions, bringing the disassembler to support the AVR instruction set up to revision 0856H - 04/09. Source files were renamed to make more sense and for better organization of code.

  •  27 Jun 2009 19:22

Release Notes: A critical bug in program file reading was fixed to support odd byte length for Intel Hex and Motorola S-Record records. vAVRdisasm no longer ends its disassembly with an invalid record error if a newline is present at the end or anywhere in the program file.

  •  08 Jan 2009 21:39

Release Notes: This release corrects a few minor bugs and one critical bug: the calculation of the absolute address, which is used in certain instructions (like absolute jump). Previous versions showed absolute addresses that were not multiplied by two (to account for the 16-bit instruction size), and therefore did not display the correct absolute address. This has been fixed.

  •  26 Jun 2007 01:08

Release Notes: Formatting of data constants in different bases (hexadecimal, binary, decimal) was added. A small bug/typo was fixed: the first operand of the "out" instruction is actually an I/O register.


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